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What warranty do you offer?

All Kristian Kiel timepieces are double checked before they leave our offices and have been through our quality control system. They do however all come with a 2 year international warranty. There is a little booklet found inside the gift box which also contains information about the general care of your timepiece.


This warranty provides a 2 year guarantee on the movement of your watch and a 1 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. Kristian Kiel will repair any manufacturing defects free of charge during this guarantee period.


The following are not covered by this guarantee: damage to the watch caused by mishandling, accidents and normal wear and tear, batteries and leather straps. Water penetration is not covered on watches which are not marked as water resistant.

My automatic watch movement is not moving.

Before using an automatic watch for the first time, wind it up until the crown starts to get slightly tenser. You will see the movement will start to work. After this it will charge automatically with the movement of your wrist. Keep the watch away from high temperatures and strong magnetic fields as this could alter its accuracy.

What type of leather do you use?

We use Genuine Leather for all of our leather straps.

How do I change the date and time on my watch?

With a simple watch design (a watch with only one crown and no more functions) you pull the crown out to the first position to change the date. You pull it out to the second position to change the time.


All watches with more functions have instructions inside the box. They can also be downloaded from this website.

What kind of stainless steel do you use?

All of our watches use solid stainless steel.

I need to change the battery on my watch what should I do?

Make sure a professional watch repair service replaces the battery. A professional knows how to check the packing on the watch and how to maintain its water resistance. You don’t have to send it back to us, it will not affect your guarantee. You can however if you prefer this option.

Are Kristian Kiel watches water-resistant?

In the case of watches that are not specifically marked as water resistant, the case back will protect the internal mechanism of the watch from humidity and dust. Feel free to wash your hands, our watches are all “splash proof”, but showering, swimming and all other direct contact with water must be avoided.


Water resistant up to 3 ATM: This indicates that the watch has been tested at an atmospheric pressure of 3 ATM and is water resistant up to 30 metres. However repeated diving, swimming or aquatic sports is not recommended and will prematurely enhance the deterioration of your watch. It is also recommended to have your watch checked every year by a professional watch service in order to keep it water resistant. Watches are only waterproof as long as the glass, crown, pushers and 0-rings are in good condition. Never use the pushers of a chronograph whilst underwater!

What steps would you recommend to maintain my watch in the best condition?

Like any object your Kristian Kiel timepiece will be negatively affected by dust and sweat, we therefore recommend that you clean your watch regularly with a slightly damp, soft cloth which will enable the metal and gold plating to retain their lustre longer.


Make sure a professional watch repair service replaces the battery. A professional knows how to check the packing on the watch and how to maintain its water resistance.

I cannot change the date on my automatic watch it appears “jammed”.

Please note that on all Kristian Kiel automatic watches the date must not be manually changed between 20.00 and 04.00 as this is when the watch is performing its automatic date change functions. This may infact break the movement. Set the watch for example at 18:00 and reset it then, it is safer.

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