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The Kristian Kiel brand first came to life in the late 1990’s in Europe when our first range was uniquely showcased and sold through a luxury hotel chain. Since then, our partnerships with hotels have grown internationally, and our experience in designing and making timepieces has developed.


Since its inception we have always wanted our watches to be a source of pride and joy for their owners. We constantly strive to create original designs which house robust and reliable movements.


Now the 21st century has arrived and with the help of the internet our timepieces are available to all exclusive guests of our website. Here you can see a combination of classical innovation and technology and a refined range of both quartz and mechanical automatic timepieces.


Having successfully worked for over 20 years with thousands of clients in luxury hotels, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Being a family run business we are fully aware that this is both the foundation and future of any successful brand. We follow you every step of the way, respect your loyalty to us, and aspire to make our timepieces memorable icons of important moments in your life.

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